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Course Layout - West

West Course -par 36 3400 m 3133 m 2836 m 2465 m

Holes [10 & 11] [12 & 13] [14 & 15] [16 & 17] [ 18 ]

HOLE 10 PAR 4 - Index 16
339 m 319 m   268 m  246 m
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The West Course starts off with a straight par 4 with pronounced fairway undulations and nests of bunkers on both sides. A good drive over a mound in the middle of the landing area will set up a short approach to the green, guarded short and right by a bunker. The two-tier putting surface has a significantly higher back level.
HOLE 11 PAR 5 - Index 14
532 m 498 m  464 m  411 m
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Unwind your shoulders and go for distance from the tees as the landing area is generously wide, despite a left edge drop to a rough-covered lower tier. White the second shot plays slightly downhill, the wise option is a mid or long iron lay up avoiding a nest of fairway bunkers on the right. From there, a deft short iron is needed to find the well bunkered green.
HOLE 12 PAR 3 - Index 8
183 m 157 m  130 m  106 m
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One of the most talked about holes in Malaysian golf, Orna's signature hole is a mesmerizing par 3 that demands a full water carry to a picturesque island green. No room for bail out here. Accuracy and correct clubbing, talking into account the frequent strong winds, are vital to avoid a watery disaster and find the gently undulating green.
HOLE 13 PAR 4 - Index 12
366 m 335 m  300m  256 m
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Climbing gently uphill from tee to green, this moderately long par 4 has a wide fairway which should make the lake on the left a redundant hazard. Aim your drive right of centre to open up the approach to the green, taking the long bunker set below fairway level on the left out of play.
HOLE 14 PAR 4 - Index 2
422 m 396 m   369 m  331 m
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There are two alternative routes to the green on this unique dogieg left, with the safer option being a drive  to the right fairway thus taking the water on the left out of play. Playing along the left fairway shortens the hole but will require an accurate tee shot and a well struck approach over water to the longish green.
HOLE 15 PAR 4 - Index 10
400 m 372 m   332 m  292 m
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Go for distance from the tees as there is ample room on the landing area between a left fairway bunker and lower rough area on the right. Try to favour a leftish line of play as a huge bunker guards the front right edge of the green with water further right and beyond.
HOLE 16 PAR 5 - Index 4
549 m 522 m  484 m  472 m
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Conventionality takes a back seat on this interesting par 5, which is split into two by a lake in the middle. From the first landing area, golfers can take either on e of two routes - play along the right, which is longer but takes the lake out of play, or go left, which is shorter but requires two good shots over water to reach the clover-shaped green.
HOLE 17 PAR 3 - Index 18
185 m 135 m   108 m  86 m
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A sea of sand separates the green from the  tees on this delicately crafted par 3. Smaller bunkers await to the right and rear of the undulating green, which is tricky enough to induce three putts if you are not careful.
HOLE 18 PAR 4 - Index 6
424 m 399 m  381 m  308 m
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Orna's championship 18 of the East and West Nines finishes with this long sweeping par 4. The tee shot is played over water to a narrow landing area, trapped by a bunker on the left and a long, snakish bunker on the right that separates the fairway from the lake and stretches all the way to the green. The uphill approach has to be deftly played. 

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